A Letter to Myself

Trigger warning for past abuse.

It is okay to admit to yourself
that you were hurt. And it is okay
to admit you are angry.

But it is not okay to say
that you are damaged.
You are not damaged.
You are strong.
Like carbon under pressure,
your flesh hardened and now,
you are diamond.

You understand me?

Your skin is no longer paper
to be torn by hands too greedy
to see the bruises they left like
angry words.
If they tried to touch you now
they would be cut
and they would bleed.

They deserve that. They were not your friends then
and they are not your friends now.
So instead of thinking fondly of them,
be angry. Be so angry, the fire of it swells inside you
and burns to ashes any goodwill you feel towards them,
they who hurt you without pause.

You are hardened.
And they are nothing but dust in the wind.