Units of Measurement

How do you measure a relationship?
In years?
We’ve lasted four.
I’d try to get it down to the second,
but I’m bad at math.

I’d rather measure ours
in moments:

Like the first night we spent together
and stayed up until 3am talking
about…you know, I’ve forgotten;
but I do remember the sound of your voice,
like a roll of thunder over my skin,
and how I wished your fingers had chased the sounds.

We were so silly
the day we decided moving in together
was the best solution to our first real argument.
But I was frustrated–I missed you,
and you won’t admit it,
but you missed me, too,
and even though it was stupid,
it worked out all right in the end.

I remember the day I dyed my hair
and you said I looked beautiful
and we tumbled into bed together
and some months and days later
we named our son after your grandfather.

It’s weird, isn’t it,
that buying a house together was scarier
than those 16 hours of pain.

A lot can happen in four years.
I’m curious to see what the next
four years will bring–
maybe a daughter?

For my SO, for putting up with me for so many years.